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Fresh, Healthy and Delicious Vegan Soul Food
and American Favorites

After 40 years as Chicago's premier vegan restaurant and the jewel of Chicago's Chatham neighborhood, Soul Veg City is leading the way to a brighter, friendlier, healthier, more compassionate and more sustainable city and world. We have completely rebuilt our space from the inside out with a magnificent new deli and carryout counter, a lot of new menu items, a new selfie wall and new seating including an outdoor patio.


Stop by and see the pinnacle of plant-based soul food and Americana cuisine.

A Plant-Based Paradise

There are thousands of edible plants in the world, and a great many of them are on the menu at Soul Veg City. We've been cooking exclusively with plants for 42 years – longer than any other restaurant in the Chicago area. In fact, our owners grew up eating nothing but plants, and have been preparing wonderful plant-based foods since they were children. For years, this place was know as Original Soul Vegetarian, but now to to lead Chicago into the future, we have become Soul Veg City.

Soul Veg City outdoor signage.jpg

The Center of the Chatham Neighborhood

In 1981, a new concept in dining opened on Chicago's South Side. Soul Vegetarian introduced thousands of people to vegan plant-based foods, years before anyone knew what those words meant. Over the years, Soul Veg, as it was affectionately called, became a popular local hangout as well as a destination for people from across the city and around the world.

Now that plant-based cuisine is being sought after by more and more people, we have expanded our deli, we've added pizza and new soups, and we remodeled our building to be a shining oasis of Chicago dining.

Soul Veg City is here with an even wider variety of delicious plant-based foods, that are healthy for your heart and your soul and the planet.

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