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Our Full Catering Menu

Small Pan includes approx. 15-20 servings. Large Pan includes approx. 35-50 servings



Choose between a 16-inch personal pizza or a family size pan, with your choice of three toppings.


Daiya soy free cheese or soy cheese





seitan crumbles

vegan buffalo chicken(seitan)

vegan BBQ chicken(seitan)


16-inch $30    Pan $62.50

Battered Sampler Platter

A combination of battered cauliflower, tofu tidbits, seitan tidbits, onion rings and mushrooms served with our homemade BBQ sauce. This item is great for parties or family gatherings.
Sm: $65          Lg: $130

Spinach Tofu Quiche

A creamy, cheesy, delicious dish made with tofu, spinach and broccoli baked with a flaky pastry style crust.
Sm: $55         Lg: $110

Drumsticks (25 pieces)

These vegan drumsticks are a perfect plant-based alternative to chicken drumsticks. They're a great source of protein and they're delicious, tender and gluten free. Choose between battered or tossed in BBQ, buffalo OR BBQ jerk sauce.

Jerk Bites

Our house made mock chicken is battered, fried and tossed in our specially crafted BBQ jerk sauce.
Sm: $45            Lg: $90

Buffalo Tofu Platter

Battered tofu strips tossed in a sweet and spicy buffalo sauce served with fresh cut celery sticks and our famous ranch dressing.
Sm: $82.50          Lg: $160

BBQ Twist Platter

A 40-year tried and proven tasty rib alternative. Our vegan rib tips are made from gluten and smothered in our house made BBQ sauce. #1 seller at The Taste of Chicago. Allergen: contains peanut butter
Sm: $85          Lg: $160

Breaded Tofu Nuggets

Our golden tofu nuggets are deliciously flavored and fried to perfection in cornmeal batter and served with your choice of BBQ or tartar sauce.
Sm: $70          Lg: $110

Large Vegetable Platter

A combination of fresh seasonal vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots and celery served with our delicious ranch dressing.

House Special

Our house special is a stir-fried rice which consists of cabbage, broccoli and shredded carrots accompanied with battered tofu nuggets and grilled onions.
Sm: $55            Lg: $105

Mac & Cheese

A rich and creamy dish consisting of macaroni pasta mixed with a cheddar style soy cheese sauce.
Sm: $65          Lg: $125

Noodle Stir Kai

Wheat spaghetti noodles tossed in our savory au jus sauce with spinach, mushrooms and onions grilled to perfection.
Sm: $40         Lg: $75


A flat pasta traditionally made in Italy layered with soy cheese, tomato sauce and seitan crumbles. 
Sm: $65          Lg: $125

Eggplant Parmesan

A unique combination of battered eggplant, marinara sauce and soy cheese mixed with julienne cut bell peppers and onions baked and served in slices or scoops.
Sm: $65          Lg: $125

Cornbread Dressing

A southern inspired dish that reminds you of grandma's fluffy cornbread mixed with a variety of spices.
Sm: $42.50          Lg: $80

Kale Greens with Cornbread

Our famous greens served with our special recipe cornbread
Sm: $85          Lg: $150

Sweet Potato

Sweet, savory and mouthwatering sweet potatoes baked to perfection
Sm: $40            Lg: $75

Asian Noodles

Special mung noodles with mushrooms, onions and bell peppers mixed with a curry sauce. Served cold.
$10 per pound


Kale Greens & Cornbread

Our #1 sold item is a must try
Sm: $65          Lg: $125

Jalapeño Cheese Dip

A cheesy, spicy and wonderful dip for fresh vegetables 
$10 per pound

Sunflower Seed Paté

Rich and savory. Perfect by itself or as a spread for vegetables
$10 per pound


As beans are known to be a great source of protein, they are also known for being full of flavor here at Soul Veg City. We can prepare any bean of your choice- red beans, chickpeas, black peas etc.
Sm: $40            Lg: $75

Corn Bread

Allow us to take you back generations with our fluffy baked cornbread made from scratch
Sm: $35              Lg: $75

Potato Salad

The perfect start to a summertime barbecue or any time of the year
Sm: $65          Lg: $125


BBQ Delights

The perfect answer to your BBQ craving. Made from our in-house seitan cut and grilled in BBQ sauce.
Sm: $50            Lg: $95

Jerk Wrap Platter

A big party favorite – roasted seitan smothered in jerk sauce



Chicken Sliders

Miniature versions of our famous battered seitan chicken sandwich 
$40 - dozen


Buffalo Wrap Platter

A big party favorite – roasted seitan smothered in Buffalo sauce

Pulled Pork Sliders

Miniature version of our thinly shredded smoky BBQ roast sandwich. If you love BBQ, this is the one for you
$40 - dozen

LIVE BAR SALADS (All Gluten-Free)
$10 per pound

Eggless Tofu

A chicken salad made from our own locally produced organic tofu


Carrot Supreme

Featuring our own version of tuna
with carrots, chopped veggies and vegan mayo

Bean Curd Salad

Our own popular specially prepared Asian bean curd with peppers in a rich curry sauce

Kale Salad

Perfectly seasoned freshly picked kale drizzled with olive oil and nutritional yeast


Southwestern Salad

popular dish with black beans, peppers, tomatoes and corn

Taco Salad

Featuring our own non-GMO TVP
made into cold salad with peppers and spices in a tangy BBQ sauce


Frutopia Seasonal Fruit Plate

Our own delicious fruit concoction
Sm: $45          Lg: $85


Sheet Cake

Large 12" x 18" pan

Choose from Chocolate
Double Cho
Piña Colata,
Lemon Berry


or Cinnamon Roll

Peach Pie

Rich peaches just sweet enough inside with our  housemade crust
Sm: $40              Lg: $80

Apple Pie

Fresh apples baked and perfectly seasoned on a delicious flaky crust
Sm: $45            Lg: $95


Dozen Cupcakes

Rich, sweet and fulfilling

Choose from several  varieties


9-inch Pies

Choose from our varieties above

Blueberry Pie

Fresh sweet blueberries seasoned and baked in a flaky crust
Sm: $40            Lg: $85

House Drink (30 servings)

Our own special fruit punch custom made for your event

To order or get information, please call us at  773-891-1433

or email us at

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