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Our Christmas
Catering Menu

Small Pan includes approx. 15-20 servings. Large Pan includes approx. 35-50 servings


Vegan Roast & Gravy

The perfect main course for every Thanksgiving dinner. Savory seitan roast with delicious brown gravy
Sm: $55            Lg: $110


Cornbread Dressing

The dish that launched thousands of Thanksgiving dinners
Sm: $42.50          Lg: $80


Kale Greens with Cornbread

Our famous greens served with our special recipe cornbread
Sm: $85          Lg: $150

Mac & Cheese

Our original and often copied recipe
Sm: $65          Lg: $125


Candied Yams & Sweet Potato

Sweet, savory, mouthwatering and baked to perfection
Sm: $40            Lg: $75

Vegan Duck

Delicious seitan-based mock duck
$65 for 10-15 serving

Potato Salad

A popular summertime treat that also works for Thanksgiving
$10 per pound

Blueberry Cobbler

The perfect end to a perfect meal
Sm: $55            Lg: $110


Sheet Cake

Large 12" x 18" pan

Choose from



Double Cho
Piña Colata,
Lemon Berry

or Cinnamon Roll


Perfect Cranberry Sauce

Sweet and tart whole cranberries in a thick cranberry sauce

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without them
Sm: $50            Lg: $100

Green Beans

The perfect Thanksgiving side dish
Sm: $40            Lg: $80

Peach Cobbler

The perfect end to a perfect meal
Sm: $60            Lg: $120


Sweet Potato Pie

A perfect ending to a perfect meal
Sm: $40            Lg: $85

Apple Pie

Fresh apples baked and perfectly seasoned on a delicious flaky crust
Sm: $45            Lg: $95

9-inch Pies

Choose from our varieties above

To order or get information, please call us at  773-891-1433

or email us at

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